Leap Before You Look || Chapter 5

Chapter 5! I hope you all enjoy it. Click the read more to see it, and if you have any feedback, suggestions, or critique for me please do send it in! 

"Go with the casual look, honey. Don’t scare the boy off with a dress and heels," Felicia advised her daughter as she rummaged through her closet, making a haphazard mess of it all. 

"Mom, I’m not going to dress fancy," Lottie laughed. "I was just, I don’t even know what’s going on right now, really." She shrugged, settling on a tank top with a pink zip-up hoodie on top and denim shorts with flip flops. “What is this even?” She asked her mom, stopping in her tracks to look at her.

Felicia smiled softly, “By the way you put it, it’s just a casual meet up between friends, so act like it, Lottie.”

Loretta nodded. She could do that, no big deal. 

"Now, I’m going to trust that you won’t do anything reckless, and leave you alone for the night." Ms. Quinn revealed, laughing at her daughter’s shocked but grateful expression. "Katie wanted to have a girl’s night out, and I reckon that you wouldn’t want me scaring off this boy, so I decided to accept. Now, don’t think that means I’m letting you go wild, Loretta Quinn" She wagged a finger in her daughter’s face. "If you were to do something as reckless and dumb as letting that boy in your room and-"

"Oh my god, Mom!" Lottie chuckled. "you know me, I would never."

"I know," Felicia began, "but it’s just fun to see you get freaked out over me bringing up the subject."

"You’re insane." Lottie joked.

"And you’re just a chip off the old block." Ms. Quinn smirked. "I’m going to go downstairs and fix up the place a bit, I’ll let you know when he’s here, okay?" 

Lottie nodded. “Sounds good. Thanks, Mom.” The young girl smiled down to her mother, who was already at the door.

Her mom nodded before shutting the door, leaving Lottie alone to get changed into the outfit she selected. 

When she was done, the young girl found herself staring out the window. It was a beautiful sunset that greeted her, with the purple and gold hues mixing with the blue, sparkling against the shining pavement from the past rain. She smiled softly to herself, there was no other place she’d rather live in her lifetime. 

A buzzing from her phone interrupted her thoughts, and walking over to her vanity, Loretta checked what the notification read. 

It was a text message from Finn, and her heart fluttered as she opened up the message. 

Hey, I’ll be over in 5 minutes, sorry for the wait! x

Lottie responded:

Don’t worry about it! See you then :)

Finn swiftly responded with a smiley face, and Lottie laughed. Clicking her phone off she looked in the mirror to find her face stuck with a soft smile. 

She shook her head. What was this boy doing to her?

Loretta decided to play some music as she waited, and after connecting her iphone to the music player, she blasted music.

She nodded her head to the beat, singing along to the music, and soon found herself with her eyes closed, banging out the drum beat with her hands. 

This continued throughout the song, and when it ended, she was surprised to hear clapping from behind her.

Her head whipped around to find Finn standing in the doorway, a wide grin on his face as he leaned against the doorframe. “You should bring out the air drums in your video, it’s cute.” He smiled.

Instantly Lottie felt the heat rushing to her face. She put her hands over her cheeks in embarrassment and laughed nervously. “I didn’t know you were here.”

Finn gave her a coy smile. “Your mum let me in before she left.”

"And she didn’t bother telling me you were here, well, that’s her usual self," Lottie sighed. Another song began playing and she jumped at the suddenness of the sound. “Sorry.” she apologized rather quickly, rushing to turn it off.

"I didn’t know you were into Hugo," he nodded in approval.

"Why, thought I was too much of a hipster to like this kind of sound?" She questioned, smirking at the young man.

"No, I just didn’t think there was a possible way for you to become even cooler. But now that I know you have an impeccable music taste, I think it just happened," Finn admitted, shrugging his shoulders. 

"Well, thanks." Lottie smiled. "So, shall we get to work?"

Finn nodded. “We shall.”


"Okay, so from what you’re telling me, you were thinking of this kind of background?" Finn asked, mixing up some colors on his laptop, editing a simple graphic of what Lottie had in mind for her new intro.

She nodded. “Yup, that’s exactly it, right there.” She stopped his finger on a certain hue of purple, absentmindedly placing her hand on his.

There was a silence as the two slowly realized the contact their hands were making.

Finn looked down first, and after a few seconds Lottie looked down as well, and at the same time both of their eyes shifted upwards to find the other.

Lottie smiled faintly and went to remove her hand, but then Finn blurted out, “I-I want to ask you a question, Lottie.”

"Ask away," she breathlessly replied, slipping her hand away.

"Did you want to go out with me sometime?" He asked, but then quickly rephrased, "I mean, like, uh, you know, hang out, go for a walk around town, something like that?"

Loretta Quinn was at a loss of words. She wanted to say yes, but for some reason words would not come to her. For a girl who knew ten million ways to describe a cloudy day in California, she was, for once, out of things to say.

Finn took this negatively, and added, “If you don’t want to it’s completely fine, I was just-“

"No!" Lottie shook her head. Finally, her mouth discovered movement. "Not at all, I would love to, Finn." she murmured.

His once nervous expression broke into a bright smile. “Really?”

Lottie laughed. “Really.”

"So, it’s a date." He announced.

"That it is." Lottie grinned.

Soon they finished up the draft of what Lottie was looking for, and Finn told her he’d have something ready by next week. He then scheduled their date for Friday, which was three days away. Lottie saved the date mentally, practically jumping out of her mind as he smiled at her.

"This was fun," Finn decided as he walked over to his car. Lottie had accompanied him on the way out. "I can’t wait for Friday."

"The feeling’s mutual," Lottie nodded as he stepped into the vehicle.

"I’ll see you then, Lottie." he spoke softly, eyes meeting hers.

"See you then," she repeated with finality. 

Finn nodded, and waved to her as he drove away.

When he was gone, Lottie stood still as a statue, staring off into the distance. It took her awhile to pinpoint the reason for her sudden quietness.

As she turned back to enter her home, Lottie’s mind was racing. When she opened the door, it hit her.

For the first time in years, Loretta Quinn had agreed to an event without thinking of her schedule, her constant list of events throughout the week, an obsession she often had. A faint smile reached her lips as she sat down on the living room couch. For once, Loretta had done something without thinking, and it felt dangerously sweet.